Solar window insulation drywall

The solar insulating films for windows are a product of the latest generation are comprised of a thin layer of ceramic or metal oxide molecules and installed inside or outside of windows; act as an insulating barrier, at high efficiency.

We say that these insulating solar laminates act as an insulating barrier and rejecting solar energy and preventing heat output or input to stay by decreasing the conductivity of the whole window sheet.

Solar insulating sheets reject 99% of ultraviolet radiation and to 80% of infrared radiation (heat causing) which provides the following advantages:

1. Saving energy and ecology:

Installing solar laminates insulation contributes to protecting the environment, as it allows reducing using cooling elements (air conditioning and heating) due to its insulating barrier function.

Each KW-hours of electricity consumed produces approximately 0.5 Kg emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The amortization periods of solar sheets, depending on the characteristics of the building are short (1-3 years).

2. Increased comfort:

  • Reduction of the dry atmosphere because it reduces the use of air conditioning and heating which also prevents colds.
  • Homogenization temperature by reducing hot and cold spots.
  • Reduced glare and reflections.
  • Enjoy the views and input of visible light.
  • Elimination almost completely fading of furniture and fabrics.

3. Security:

If rupture occurs glass sheet would keep all the fragments together preventing the crystals and jump cuts occur.


Installing solar laminates insulation inside of windows is very simple. The sheet has a protective layer for the inside, once off it exposes the adhesive element, applying a solution of soap and water allows this stick to the window glass.

The installation of drywall, do both residential and automotive media, although these must be approved.

Types of blades:

There is a wide range of solar films based on the needs that we want to cover:

  • Decorate specific solar energy rejection.
  • Prints for privacy.
  • Prints up.
  • Prints to prevent fading of fabrics and furniture.

Solar Insulating sheets for windows are a very efficient and economical solution in some countries these sheets have state subsidies which contribute to environmental care.