Published by admin on February 17, 2017

Ideas to use stone effect paint

The paint spray stone imitation finish consists of a mixture of paint color, naturally with sand resulting in a texture similar to a piece of stone once it dries and hardens. This type of paint works well for finishing patio furniture and some accessories and decorative pieces. This product does not provide an appropriate finish objects, for ease of operation, require smooth surfaces. Thus despite the novelty of the results generated by their use it remains limited. However, a craftsman can surely benefit the product and create terrific items.

Paint accessories

Stone effect paint can serve to give a stunning finish to items that are widely used and even for those who do not receive much attention. The speakers of your stereo and your guitar amplifier and countless ornaments, cheap vases, bookshelves and other objects you have in the living room may be perfect candidates for this treatment. To achieve good coverage, it is advisable to first sand the article and then you should apply a coat of primer to the surface to properly receive the paint. Once the stone effect has been applied, you can add a final coat of clear gloss protector to ensure the durability of the work. In the end, you have a unique piece that will stand out from the furniture and other solid color accessories.

Painting rooms

The stone effect paint also can create lavish details in your room, however, keep in mind that a good layer certainly require several cans, especially if what you’re trying to do is an entire wall. A can of paint to create special effects can cost between US $ 5 and US $ 10 for places like nightclubs, specialty areas, restaurants and waiting rooms, stone effect paint works well, but should be used sparingly, Instead of using a common base paint, creating works that they will stand out with better accents. This technique will also be kinder to your pocket, and you’ll spend a lot less paint and naturally less money.

Create finishes figures, models and toys

Stone effect paint comes in many natural colors, which makes it very versatile when it comes to stress and improve the paint job models, special projects, toys and other objects. For artists who create sculptures, models and figures, this product is very useful because it allows them to add a touch more realism that makes the final product look better. With the ease of spray application that is much faster to complete a pattern or figure that if you try to create the details for example, soil or hand the urban landscape. Instead, it generates the finished paint as it is sprayed.

Objects of cheap props for special dates

Halloween celebrates nothing better than a fake cemetery in your front yard. However, no one to carve monuments dedicated to display one day a year. The colored stone effect paint cement solves this problem, allowing owners to create realistic laborious wood or Styrofoam tombstones (polystyrene) quickly and easily, to be in tune just in time to receive visitors. A dry and with a realistic appearance of granite once painted tombs can be positioned across the front lawn, creating an authentic and ghostly in the darkness of the night of Halloween appearance.