Published by admin on February 24, 2017

Installing a fence post with cement

Installing the posts is the crucial first step you must make before you get your new fence. Use good quality cement and apply the following steps for your fence posts to remain firm and in place.


  1. Drive a stake into the ground where will come each post.
  2. Stretch the string to establish the perimeter of your fence. This allows you to identify potential hazards with shrubs, trees and other objects.
  3. Cut or buy posts that are two feet (70 cm) longer than the final height of the fence.
  4. Use a hand auger or backhoe to dig a hole 2 feet (70 cm) deep which will install the posts.
  5. Place 2 or 3 inches (5-7 cm) of gravel in the bottom of the hole to act as drainage.
  6. Place the post into the hole.
  7. Level pole position with a bulldozer and hold it using stakes and wire, or nailing the tables.
  8. Cement mix: one part cement, two sand and gravel three. Add the water thick enough to take without solidifying.
  9. Pour cement into the hole of your pole to ground level. Eliminate bubbles with a small table.
  10. Check the levels of your post and make any necessary adjustments.
  11. Use a garden shovel to add cement around the pole, forming a mound. This will allow water to glide stagnate next to your post.

Tips & Warnings

  • Mix the cement in a wheelbarrow for mobility.