Published by admin on June 5, 2019

Ten tips to improve safety in your home

Basic rules

Nowadays we never know when we are safe inside or outside our homes.

We do not really talk about rules, but about ten habits that we can easily acquire. These new habits that will help us in the security of our daily life and keep thieves away from our home.

Close with key

Do not forget to lock the door when you leave the house. It’s not just about closing the slip, as many thieves are adept at opening the doors closed like that. When we speak of “closing the door” we mean to pass the key, not only the main door but all the doors that can give access to the house. It is proven that thieves give up entering a home when they do not have facilities. If you always close all the access doors, you will be very complicated, and remember that if you see a defect in your door that you think can facilitate the theft of your home, you should try to solve it immediately.

Do not hide the key without supervision

Do not hide or leave any keys to your home without supervision. Many people usually hide a key from their house, under a rug or in a pot, in case of loss or loss. This practice is not recommended, thieves know these places and usually look for these keys to enter to steal in the houses. You should never facilitate the theft of your house. It is best to give a copy to someone you trust that you know can save it for you in optimal security conditions.

Turn on the alarm

If you have an alarm never hesitate to connect it. Many people hire an alarm and only use it in case of long periods of time, but it is proven that it is in the day to day when more robberies happen. Your alarm should always be on when your house is uninhabited. And if you do not have an alarm and want to hire it, make sure you do a small study of all the companies in the market so that you can choose the best one.

Do not give the key to strangers

Do not give access to your security system to strangers to your home. We recommend that you only authorize persons with authorized access to the house and a couple of other people for safety reasons in case of absence.

Check the windows

It is important to check that no window is left open, thus avoiding thefts and possible damages by rain or wind. In addition to the doors you should check that your windows are in perfect condition. All should lock up and be locked for safety before you leave home. As an extra tip to this we can say that putting a lock, even if small, on all windows will prevent a possible robbery.

Do not publish social networks your destination

Although we seem a bit repetitive, it is important not to divulge our habits, travel or passwords in social networks or in public places where strangers may know them. If you are going on vacation or if for any other reason you are away from your home for long periods, do not ever mention it, as this information can reach the ears of a thief.

Valuables, in the safe

Our experts advise never to leave valuable documents, as well as large sums of money or jewels in sight. In this case it is advisable to install a security box hidden in some safe and unusual place that you know will be difficult to find.

Feeling that the house is inhabited

It is important to give the feeling from outside that our house is inhabited, even if we are absent. To achieve this effect, purchase timers that turn on house lights every day at some specific time. It is also important to have someone with confidence who picks up the mail, an overflow mailbox is a sign that the thieves are looking to decide where to steal. Neither must you lower all the blinds or close all the curtains, remember your house should give the appearance of being inhabited.

Put an anti-bomping lock

Technology advances in all facets of life. In locksmithing we have better locks and doors prepared for today’s robberies. If you have a door or a very old lock it is advisable to change it by an anti-bumping lock. This type of lock prevents making copies of your keys with ease by increasing the difficulties for thieves.