Published by admin on May 29, 2019

The 20 best decoration tips to renovate your house with low budget

Do not always decorate means having a big budget but knowing certain bases to exploit your environments to the maximum. Add ideas!

Here we give you some maxims when decorating so that your house is a unique place:

  1. In small spaces, use on the walls light tones and pastels; place mirrors to multiply natural light and low-rise furniture.
  2. Add a focal point to your decorations. That is, an element that contrasts with the rest and that forces your guests to look at it.
  3. If you add pictures to your decorations, do not set them too high. The correct height must respect the range of vision of people: between 1.50m and 1.72m.
  4. It is said that a good combination does not exceed 3 colors.
  5. Identify the color of an item you want to highlight and duplicate in the environment. It makes that color occupy maximum 20% of the environment to create a harmonious contrast.
  6. Place a picture in the living room or in the dining room. It will give protagonist and a different style to that space. Use colors that contrast.
  7. Organize your books in style: combine around the library coatings and accessories that go according to the furniture.
  8. Use furniture that contrasts in your spaces, that way you will not look monotonous.
  9. In modern bathrooms the medicine cabinet is stored in other parts, leaving the mirror a decorative accessory. Try different shapes and sizes: round, oval, square; with wooden frame, metal or without frame.
  10. Use boxes inside your furniture, that way you can save more objects and your space will look clean.
  11. The trick to decorate a hallway is not to hinder the traffic of people. You can use thin and tall furniture.
  12. If you will decorate a bathroom, consider that the furniture not only have to look good, but they have to be practical. In this space, the cute thing is the useful thing.
  13. A light tone floor will help you dramatically improve lighting in a dimly lit space.
  14. Create contrasts between your furniture and floors.
  15. Add plants to your spaces.
  16. Wicker baskets are excellent for decorating and organizing spaces. Use them!
  17. Use flowers in your bathroom, they will look incredible.
  18. When designing the kitchen, the color you select for the walls will play an important role as it will impose the tone of the rest of the space.
  19. Use small furniture and different color to your walls, that way they will stand out more.
  20. If your dining room is small I recommend a round table with thin chairs, fine lines and no arms.