Published by admin on May 22, 2019

The best designs of fences

“Form follows function” is the motto of an architect and it is certainly true when choosing a design closely. The purpose of the fence influence or dictate the design and style. Privacy fences should be high and solid. Those of safety must also be high, a strong material and provide visibility to the outside. Ornamental fences can be shorter, with decorative panels or attractive designs. All can be made ​​of wood, metal or vinyl.

Wood or ornamental wrought iron

The more decorative fences are wood or wrought iron. Ornamental wooden fences can be, which is very attractive in large patios, or short stakes painted white to outline a garden or walkway. The ornamental wrought iron fences are traditional; they can prevent the passage of children or pets. Homeowners can install poles or stakes themselves, but the wrought iron requires professional help. A variation is a type of fence wire having decorative bolts between horizontal poles, installed in large panels or posts.

For safety chain links

The close links of the chain is the best choice for maximum safety. It is made of woven wire square diagonally arranged and installed in metal posts. It can be from 4 to 12 or more feet (1.22 to 3.66 m) tall and can be above or posters barbed wire “not up”, located diagonally to look from outside and discourage entry. For close-ups of your home, decorate the chain links with privacy slats or inserts in different colors and designs or covering the fence with colored vinyl.

Timber privacy

Wood is the preferred choice for privacy as it can also be very attractive. There are so many models as there are wooden fences fence installers. The staked design is a decorative style: rough wooden stakes firmly arranged one after another. Use cedar cathedral or wooden boards “dog-ear” for a high fence, attractive and that protects privacy. Place the boards vertically or horizontally wide between the columns, either all on the same side or in a pattern alternating sides with protruding edges for a fence attractive but private.

Special materials

Search specialty materials for a different style. Bamboo makes good detection is high, durable and attractive and generally fixed panels with any type of cable. Make low garden fences or brick walkway in an interlocking stacking pattern ensures the joints with mortar. If you want to spend little considering vinyl addition, it requires little maintenance. Vinyl is cheaper than other materials, is easy to install and comes in various designs and colors to resemble wooden stakes or tables. It is resistant to putrefaction and durable, but can attract mold in humid conditions.