Published by admin on May 8, 2019

The best way to clean carpets    

With so many products of cleaning in the market, find the best way to clean a carpet can be daunting and confusing. But the best method is steam cleaning (removal of water hot) not only for flawless results, but also other benefits. Other cleaning methods are not greater than the amount of dirt released during the extraction process with water hot. There are also special techniques to keep the white and colors like new carpets.

Cleaning with steam or hot water extraction

Steam cleaning is the best way to clean a carpet, as the hot water extraction combined with the cleaning solution removes dirt deeply, reaching the root of the problem. The so-called “steam cleaning” is confusing because there is actually steam, hot water but applied on the carpet. You can hire a cleaning service steam, which may be a better option to do it by yourself. Professional services are familiar with materials and fabrics that make carpets and know how much water and solution will achieve the best results for specific spots on your carpet.

Professional services are better than home cleaning for the extraction of hot water mounted on a truck uses the power using hot water much better than a home faucet pressure, removing the deepest and dirt effectively. Another great advantage is that all dirt and grease being sucked from your carpet is deposited directly into a waste tank, so you do not have to throw in the trash after cleaning. Instead of hiring a professional, you can rent a steam cleaning machine.

The opinions in Opinions show that these machines work well to remove old stains. The water vapor these machines normally used reaches about 118 ° F (48 ° C) which itself helps to dislodge particles and ingredients that have been stuck on the carpet fabric. The best temperature for this type of cleaning is about 150-200 ° F (65-93 ° C). The hot water is combined with a cleaning solution that removes stains, and then the area is aspirated to remove all dirt and debris.

Not only steam cleaning is the best method of cleaning carpets, but also has many advantages. First, high temperatures kill bacteria, fungi, dust mites and mold, making the carpet is like new, which is good especially for allergy sufferers. Steam cleaning leaves no residue, unlike foams purchased at stores such as Resolve, which attract dirt and may damage the carpet fibers.

Other methods of “steam cleaning”

Steam cleaning of carpets normally associated with hot water extraction. However, this is only one of five methods of carpet cleaning with steam, but the traditional way is considered the best for the hygiene of the carpets. The other methods can be a good option when the traditional steam cleaning is expensive or inconvenient. A common foam cleaning carpet cleaning method is to apply semi-wet foam cleaner or dust the stain until dry, and then vacuums the residue. However, it is unlikely that the product alone can tear out all the dirt particles, especially in old stains. In addition, foams or powder apply only adds to the existing dirt on the carpet, because the vacuum may not have the necessary suction power to remove all residues.

Cleaning with a cleansing shampoo is applied to one similar to that used in planning machine wood floors. The machine scans the carpet with the product, but no extraction after cleaning. So essentially, dirt spreads, making it appear that the carpet is cleaner. Bonnet cleaning another way to clean a carpet is to use a rotary cotton bonnet. The bonnet is immersed in a solution of shampoo and then placed in the bottom of the sweeper.

The high-speed rotating action aims to loosen dirt and absorb stains on cotton. When the bonnet is dirty, you can rinse it and turn it around to continue cleaning. After the carpet is dry, the area is drawn. This method is better than the shampoo because the bonnet absorbs dirt, unlike the plow, which only has the ability to spread the solution. Although the method is better than the shampoo does not exceed extraction cleaning with hot water for cleaning is based on absorption rather than the bonnet vacuum suction of steam, which is more potent.

Dry Cleaning finally; there is also a dry-cleaning solution. a powder on the carpet is applied and left on for 15 minutes. A sweeper is then passed with two rotating heads on the carpet to reach the deepest powder. Finally the area is drawn to suck waste. Again, not all dust is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and the dust is not effective for old or dry spots.

Special Tips for white and colored carpets

Try to keep a white carpet in this state can be a challenge, so it is advisable to thoroughly clean a white carpet rather than wait until you see the first signs of dirt. If the white carpet is in an area of ​​heavy traffic and people step on the shoes on, or near a kitchen where waste oils and stick to it, a deep cleaning every 6 months is recommended.

As dirt and stains cannot always be in a colored carpet, deep cleaning is recommended every 18 months. When not use steam cleaning for white carpet, look for products asserting a “deep cleaning”. This leads to the bottom of the fibers as a white carpet being cleaned only superficially might suggest that the color is actually ivory. Even if your carpet is white, do not use bleach is recommended, as it may result in a patchy appearance.