Published by admin on July 17, 2019

The cost of wooden fences versus vinyl

When considering what type of fencing to install, cost is an important factor. Wooden fences and vinyl are two types that are popular materials industry fences or fences. The cost of installing one of these involves the material and hand labor. The following are facts to consider when you want to install either wood or vinyl fences.


When it comes to choosing a wooden fence and costing, there are a variety of options: cedar, redwood, and chestnut, oak and white pine. Whatever type you choose to install wooden fences are much cheaper than vinyl. This is because the wood slowly rotting need maintenance annually and may need to be replaced within five to 10 years. The price of installing a wooden fence varies from US $ 9 to US $ 15 per foot depending on the length of the wood.

Fencing cedar and redwood

Cedar and redwood are wooden fences popular because they are attractive and resistant to deterioration. Because they do not rot as easily than other types of wood, their prices are very high, especially for redwood, as it is a scarce commodity.

Vinyl fences

Vinyl, with different styles, private, semi-private, picket, ranch, varies in price. However, many vinyl installers believe that if consumers focus on the long-term effect of installing the vinyl fence, then they will realize that vinyl are the cheapest option. The durability of a vinyl fence cannot be challenged, and that is why the initial cost is so high. These can last up to 50 years and always a guarantee is offered. The price range for white vinyl fence is usually more than US $ 17 per foot.


If you’re not one to do it for themselves, most of the costs associated with installing a wood fence or vinyl is the cost of labor. The work involved in installing fences is labor intensive and the price per hour to install a fence is US $ 20 to US $ 25. The rate may be higher than install specialized wood like redwood.


If you own your home and plan to live there for more than 15 years, it is profitable installing vinyl fencing, especially because vinyl fences come with guarantees. On the other hand, if you own your home and plan to live there less than 10 years, it is a wise business decision and installs wooden fences.