Published by admin on April 10, 2019

Tips curtains on big windows

Although the joys of a magnificent view outside through your windows, you may want curtains to enhance them. You can create the illusion that the wide windows look narrower and tall windows seem larger and wider when the proper treatment is applied.

You have a variety of curtains and drapes to choose to enhance your large windows. In addition, you should not spend much on curtains to achieve your goal, and to use curtains in windows mainly involves illusion.

Scan the room

Before going out to buy the materials needed to treat large windows, ask what the room needs. For example, you may need more privacy, or you can require you to watch TV without reflection. You need to make arrangements in the windows are both functional and decorative time. Measure your windows with a metal tape measure to get the exact measurements and write them down or call a professional to measure them yourself.

Create a balance

Balance a large window using long curtains to the floor or cloths that can be opened completely, especially if you have side windows that open. When you need to create a narrower aspect to your larger windows, or if the view outside the window is not pleasant, left side of the window covered with shade. A wavy border placed just above the top of a wide window makes me look taller.


For large windows, determines which accessory creates the illusion of height or width of your window. For example, when using a deep border along the top makes a high window wider look. It combines deep valance with curtains to give a more elegant look. When a window is high and large, you can extend the border of the top toward the area of ​​the glass and you will still see attractive.

Return folds

To properly hang the curtain on a large, high window, you must have a return, or distance, deep in the folds and the wall. Remove the curtains of the wall to hang deep folds, making the curtain look elegant. A standard return to those curtains would be 3 1/2 inches (8.5 centimeters). Leave your curtains tall windows without a deep return only makes them seem flat.